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Who Should Attend


The 34th Annual Air Sailing Cross Country Camp will take place at Air Sailing August 8-14, 2021.

The ASI Cross-Country Camp has been conducted every summer since 1987. It was originally founded by Tim Broyhill, on behalf of the Pacific Soaring Council (PASCO), in 1976. Since then, over 700 glider pilots from Nevada, California, Montana, Alaska, Florida, West Virginia, Oregon, Illinois, Canada, England, Japan, and France have honed their flying technique during this week-long intensive learning experience.

For a first person insight into the camp, read the June 1995 Issue of SOARING, "Above Ground Testing in Nevada, Air Sailing Style", by John Sullivan.

View Lee's Video of the 2015 Cross Country Camp



The objectives of the Cross-Country Camp are to develop and sharpen your cross-country soaring skills through comprehensive lectures, practical demonstration, and daily practice of the basic and intermediate concepts and skills involved in conservative, recreational cross-county flying.

Who Should Attend

This six-day camp is intended for intermediate-level soaring enthusiasts who want to:

  • Develop and sharpen their cross-country soaring skills
  • Learn efficient thermaling and cross-country soaring techniques, and
  • Gain the confidence to advance and enhance their cross-country soaring abilities without increasing their risk-level.
Daily Schedule      

This camp is six sensational days of cross-country soaring talk and flying in the usually very good Nevada-style lift. Daily lectures, demonstrations, and flights start at 8AM and continue through at least 5PM.

Participants with similar gliders are assigned to an experienced lead pilot who will be your mentor for the week. The week is topped of with a fun-filled banquet and celebration on Friday evening.

Daily Topics

  • Orientation to Air Sailing Gliderport
  • Cross-country without tears or fears
  • High desert take-offs and landings
  • Point of no return planning
  • Thermalling tips and techniques
  • Preparations for cross-country flight
  • Efficient cross-country gliding
  • Off field landings
  • Thermalling for cross-country flight
  • Cross-country badge & record flying
  • Soaring near thunderstorms
  • Lift is where you find it

    Participants must have:

    • Private glider rating
    • 30+ hours solo time
    • Glider and trailer
    • Proof of Liability Insurance
    • Oxygen system
    • Paid the Registration Fee and Participant Fee
    • Current San Francisco and Klamath Falls sectionals

    Participants need not have any cross-country experience, but must have solid piloting skills. This means you should be accomplished at thermalling and with short/soft field landings (See “Pilot Preparations for Camp 2020 edition (Pending).”) If you are uncertain about your skills, feel free to consult with the Camp Manager or an Air Sailing CFIG.

    Crew support is not required, as strong emphasis will be placed on returning to the gliderport each day. Aero retrieves are available from approved airports. A limited number of gliders may be available through the Nevada Soaring Association requiring a membership in the club.

    All pilots who are new to Air Sailing must receive an area check before taking their first flight. Depending upon experience in high desert soaring, this may include an instructional flight with an instructor. All pilots should be familiar with the ASG Operating Procedures. For more information download the Pilot Preparation Sheet.


    The cost of the camp is $350, and includes six days training and course materials (Includes $50 non-refundable registration fee for registrants who cancel less than two weeks prior to the event).

    The registration fee includes an ASI membership (current ASI members may deduct $50) and includes glider tiedown and trailer parking for the week. Tows and incidentals (e.g., aero-retrieves, oxygen=$50/week, field checkout, camping, banquet, etc.) are not included. Budget about $350 for tows, and $200 for incidentals (See Cost Sheet for more information).

    Reservations for the 2021 Camp

    To find out more about this camp contact Camp Manager Harry Fox 831-251-1381 or download a detailed brochure, syllabus, pilot prep and cost sheet. To sign up, complete the online reservation form.