In Memory of John Scott

A Message from the ASI Board:

We've received the heartbreaking news that John Scott was killed in a towing accident at Byron airport today (May 9th) while flying NCSA's towplane. The FAA and NTSB are involved in investigating the accident.

John's contributions to Air Sailing were immeasurable - he was currently serving as a Trustee, as Chairman of the Flight Safety Committee, and as a Tow Pilot. In addition to these roles, through the years John championed and led many gliderport improvement projects. John spent many weeks at Air Sailing each summer, either towing or working on infrastructure. John was equally important to NCSA, serving in several volunteer capacities.  For those of us who belong to both organizations, it was a constant treat to encounter John in multiple flying locations

John was a fine man and a good friend to many of us. Adding to his hands-on contributions, John’s willingness to clearly speak his mind, engage in earnest and good-natured debate, and listen to other points of view often helped us arrive at useful consensus, and made him a vital member of our volunteer flying organizations.  

We will miss John awfully.

Our hearts go out to his wife and family, and to his extended soaring family that feel this loss deeply.

- Board of Trustees, Air Sailing, Inc

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John was one of ASI's most dedicated tow pilots.



John was Co-Director of six of ASI's Thermal Camps.



Planes, Dogs and Air Sailing. Some of John's favorite things came together here.



Prolific Volunteer